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Finding Your Path

Researchers believe that only 5 percent of disease-related gene mutations are unable to be stopped, or are fully penetrable in creating disease. Which  means that the other 95 percent of what happens to our health is within our control.

  1. Sleep 
  2. Meditation 
  3. Movement 
  4. Nourishment 
  5. Emotions

“If you have these five things in your mind, you set the stage for self-regulation and healing.” -- Dr. Deepak Chopra

One size does not fit all. According to Ayurveda, every one has a unique mind/body constitution. So to find solutions for your particular set of challenges, you will need to explore and experiment to find just the right daily living patterns that bring health and wellbeing to you. I am here to guide, support, and cheer for you. It is my belief, that you hold the wisdom to your own wellbeing. 

Write down a few areas where you might want to begin to seek solutions? Reach out to me and together we will initiate a plan of self discovery.

The earlier you begin to allow your body to regain balance and wellbeing, the easier it is to 'turn the boat around." The longer you procrastinate, deny and distract yourself from a mind-body-spirit challenge . . . . .well, you know. . . . it isn't going to be pretty.  You have the keys, let's find them and start down your path of wellbeing. 

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Do you desire a private personalized session to guide you in restoring balance and wellbeing to your life? Private sessions are held by phone, internet or in your home or work place. After each session you will receive an email with a detailed recap and an action plan to achieve your goals of wellbeing.  When you purchase five 60-minute visits, then the sixth visit is free. 

My rates are: 

o 60-minute session - $80

o 90-minute session - $110

o 120-minute session - $150 

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